To National Corresponding Authorities

 To Pope Francis           

To the people of our countries


We, delegates of Popular Movements of the 67 countries gathered at the third World Meeting of Popular Movements in dialogue with Pope Francis, during the days 2, 3 and 4 of November in the city of Rome, we reflect on the serious problems and social conflicts that happen in the world, before which we want to denounce certain situations and raise the following motions:

  1. We call for the right to the territory of millions of people, displaced from their countries and regions. They have the right to life, to work and to a citizenship.
  1. We urge States to promote the Plan of Action of the International Decade for the Afro-descendant (2015-2024) adopted by the UN.
  1. We repudiate the human rights abuses and murders committed by the police in various states of the United States against black and Latino youth – where a young man is killed every 28 hours. We also repudiate the genocide against young black Brazilians – who die every hour, reaching 25,000 annual deaths of black youths as a result of police violence. We demand justice for the 43 students murdered in Ayotzinapa in Mexico.
  1. We repudiate the rupture of democracy in Brazil and the congressional media complot that resulted in an institutional coup to impose a government program that reduces the rights of workers and privatizes the assets of nature, especially reserves Oil companies.
  1. We denounce the Judicial Power of the state of Mina Gerais, Brazil, which determined the forced eviction of 8 thousand families from the communities of the Izidora region (Rosa Leao, Esperanza, Victoria) considered the seventh largest urban occupation in the world.
  1. We express our solidarity with all those affected by the spill of toxic waste from the Saramago de la Vale dam and BHP, a disaster that occurred on November 5, 2015 in Brazil.
  1. We express our solidarity with the delegates of Popular Movements of Venezuela, who support the mediation of Pope Francisco at the table of dialogue of Peace of Venezuela and we advocate the cessation of the siege against the constitutional order.
  1. We express our support and solidarity for the peace agreement signed between the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP, and the process of dialogue between the ELN and the Government of Colombia. We call for this process to become a reality. We reiterate the invitation to Pope Francis to contribute to the construction of a Peace with stable and lasting social justice.
  1. We express our solidarity with the peoples of the Middle East, who are facing war and pay with their lives for disputes between the government, oil companies and arms manufacturers, mainly in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Turkey and Palestine.
  1. We express our repudiation of the persecution of the Turkish government against democratically elected Kurdish parliamentarians who are in prison.
  1. We denounce the grave situation of political prisoners in several countries, sentenced to prison for their ideas as Oscar López Rivera of Puerto Rico, Andres Bodalo in Spain, Ocalan Abdullah in Turkey, and more than 20 political prisoners, mostly black in the United States. Just as we denounce the cases of Assange and Snowden, arrested for denouncing and publicly evidence the official espionage that the US government makes online against all its citizens. We demand compliance with the resolution of the working group on arbitrary detentions of the UN, the immediate release of the political prisoner and social leader of Argentina, Milagro Sala.
  1. We repudiate the police repression that is being carried out in various European countries against refugees and migrants who come to this continent, driven by wars, hunger and lack of employment in their countries of origin.
  1. We express our support for the suffering Haitian people, we hope that the United Nations will withdraw its troops, make economic reparations and that the country can hold free and sovereign elections.
  1. The war in the Republic of the Congo has lasted long. The village of Beni north of Kivu is subjugated every day. In 2 years 1,500 people have been slaughtered, more than 1,200 houses and health centers were burned, more than 800 people are missing. People are deprived of their fields and forced to leave their villages. The rebel group ADF – coming from Uganda and the countries of the Great Lakes – commits crimes against the population of Beni. We ask that the Pope Francisco pronounce itself so that urgently attend the victims and stop these crimes. (Delegation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo).
  1. We demand the cancellation of illegitimate public debt that becomes more odious when it is managed by financial funds. It requires the cancellation and revision of international trade agreements (EPA, TIPP, TIPP) that put at risk the right to work and the health of the environment conquered with years of struggle. New rules are proposed for financial transactions, such as the implementation of a 0.5% tax, designed to create a fund to fight against poverty. (Italian delegation).
  1. We urge Pope Francisco to take a decisive stand against the advance of the Theocratic States, which contribute to the increase of racist and intolerant practices and which do not contribute to peace, democracy or citizenship, on the contrary, contempt and free will sacred right of human subjectivity.
  1. In Turkey on these dangerous days under the Erdogan AKP regime, 59 Kurdish MPs democratically elected by the HDP were detained. This constitutes an attack on the freedom and will of the people. We must discuss these unacceptable facts with each institution and parliament and we need to act urgently and in solidarity. We must stop the fascism practiced by Erdogan and recognize the strength and solidarity of the Kurdish people (Delegation of Turkey)
  1. We invite all popular movements to visit Germany for the G20 summit on 7 and 8 July 2017, in order to protest against the lack of representation of the poor, migrants, the excluded, and demonstrate that they can not silence us and that we have real solutions to the problems we suffer in our countries. (German delegation).
  1. African delegates urge the UN and the global community to end the conflict in southern Sudan, Libya, Darfur and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The UN Security Council has an obligation and a moral responsibility to act decisively and quickly to support the efforts of the African Union to end the suffering of the people. (African Delegation).
  1. We want disadvantaged communities to be at the center of government decision-making. Popular movements should help governments make decisions every year. A Steering Committee should be established between the two parties to monitor the implementation of the taken decisions. We want Pope Francis to facilitate and coordinate this task. (Delegation of Lesotho).
  1. We ask Pope Francis to express his position against the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea as it would increase tension in northeastern Asia and trigger a new World War. We want it to support the peace treaty on the Korean peninsula.
  2. We express our solidarity and demand respect for the life, struggle and resistance of defenders of land and water for the peasant and indigenous peoples of Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador. We also call for the cessation of illegal persecution, criminalization, harassment of social movements and their members, who defend the collective rights of people violated by transnational mining, oil and hydroelectric companies. We demand prompt justice by comrade Bertha Cáceres, of Honduras murdered for defending the indigenous Lenca territory.
  1. We condemn human rights violations by the government against the people of Ruhinga in Myanmar.
  1. The problem of Palestine should be considered, demanding the end of the Israeli occupation. We demand our right to self-determination, and freedom to the 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners, including Ahmad Saadat, head of the PFPL and PLC. We call for the implementation of the right to return to their land of Palestinian refugees.
  1. We reaffirm the support and strong support for the Bolivian maritime claim, recalling what was raised by Pope Francis that the problems between countries must be solved through dialogue.
  1. We condemn the use of agricultural poisons produced and controlled by transnational Bayer / Monsanto, Sygenta, Chemical, Du Pont, Steel Quinoa, which poison food worldwide. We call on governments, organizations and farmers to fight against the use of agricultural poisons and eradicate the use of transgenic seeds. These poisons kill biodiversity and cause cancer in the population.
  1. Stop evictions from peasant and native communities on the part of large landowners. The land belongs to those who work it. We reject the illegitimate appropriation of lands and lakes of the Argentine Patagonia, especially the cases of Lake Escondido by the businessman Lewis and the one of the community Aucapán by Prinzhorn.


  1. Workers in the popular economy (street vendors, Argentine textile workers and immigrants in Argentina, landless peasants, pickers, recyclers and cooperatives) demand the immediate sanction of the Social Emergency Law presented by the social organizations before the Congress of The Argentine Nation that contemplates the complementary social wage.


  1. The pickers and recyclers see their work threatened by private companies that want to appropriate recycling. The Federación argentina de Cartoneros y Recicladores presented the Ley de Envases with social inclusion that contemplates integrality and sustainability in the production of packaging and its subsequent recycling in cartonboard hands. We demand their immediate sanction.
  1. On behalf of our motherland, and the more than 300 native communities that have risked their lives in Standing Rock, North Dakota, to protect their waters and lands from the threat of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), we ask Pope Francis Which calls for immediate intervention in defense of these sacred lands, demand their federalization and the cessation of repression and violence by the armed guards. (US Delegation).
  1. Migrant agricultural workers continue to be the most relegated and exploited because they do not enjoy the right to organize to protect their class interests. We therefore demand that the rights to collective organization and bargaining be guaranteed throughout the world.
  1. We sympathize with the indigenous peoples of Aotearoa and the efforts for the absolute sovereignty of Tino Rangatisatanga. The New Zealand government should honor its obligations to Te Tiriti or Waitangi (Indigenous Peoples). We ask that local churches recognize indigenous spirituality and their stories of cracion.
  1. The strength of democracy, freedom and participation of people is important in popular movements to achieve economic, social, ecological and environmental transformations. (Africa, Tanzania, Tuico).
  1. The church should open its doors and coordinate with governments to create solutions. SDI, ACHR, and other grassroots movements should receive support to strengthen rural and urban communities to generate sustainable development. We need community support to: (a) Create a community-driven collection of information throughout the city, (b) establish funding for its own development, (c) support affordable housing development. We need housing and economic development within countries. We ask the church to allocate 10% of the land for housing development, and to support the creation of a «global fund» for grassroots movements.
  1. We demand the universal right to access clean and healthy water, beyond the possibility of people paying for it.
  1. We demand respect for the knowledge and traditions of local and indigenous communities around the world.
  1. We reject the actions of the hegemonic mass media, and we call for the democratization of the means to guarantee the plurality and diversity of voices.
  1. We denounce to governments and institutions, poverty and social exclusion, their causes and consequences, because they threaten the lives and dignity of our people and their families.
  1. We propose that the church fulfill its prophetic role and call on its faithful and good people who have money, to put it to the service of helping humanity instead of reproducing their income. As Jesus said «Do not pay for a return.»
  1. We express our solidarity with the National School Florestán Fernández, the Latin American training school of the MST, which was attacked by the Brazilian police.
  1. Glory to God! Hallelujah! May our movements pray for our struggles all over the world so that the grace of God will be multiplied for human beings and that our voices and cries will be heard and fulfilled in the name of Jesus (Delegation of West Africa).